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Local News

Mark Cookson was involved in an argument in the street three day's before his body was discovered.

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The explosion which killed five people including a mother and her two sons "will scar the city".

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Craig Keogh is jailed for at least 32 years for raping and killing Jane Hings while high on cocaine.

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Cheese or chocolate? Honey or oysters? The UK is home to festivals dedicated to favourite foods.

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Jose Ragoobeer, whose wife and two sons were killed in the blast, says 'every day they will be missed'.

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Cities are often thought of as places for the young, but that's not always the case.

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Nick Emery says he was quoted up to 10,000 for a training course on voiceover techniques.

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An apple falling from a tree led the pioneering scientist to discover gravity.

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Leicester's Dom Barrow joins Stade Rochelais on a short-term contract before moving Northampton Saints next season.

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Leicester City centre-back Harry Maguire says playing alongside Jamie Vardy has made him "a better defender".

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Ryan Day continues his superb form by knocking out world number one Mark Selby in the first round of the Players Championship.

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Community News

Healthy Eating Tips For Local Families

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 12th March 2013

KEEP THE WHOLE FAMILY IN TIP TOP SHAPE. Family life can be hectic and keeping up with the fast pace of it can be difficult, which also means having regular healthy meals can be easier said than done.

Avoiding Payday Loans

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 5th March 2013

AVOIDING THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL. In the beginning everyone thought these payday loan lenders where all doing us a favour and it sounds so simple borrow a little bit of money just before your payday and then pay back on your payday.

Our High Streets Still Suffering

Posted by Administrator : Monday 4th March 2013

ARE WE WAVING GOODBYE TO OUR LOCAL HIGHSTREET? Our local High Streets have been suffering in the consumer downturn. Customers have been watching their pennies amid concerns about high inflation and job security. Recently we have lost many large retailers that have been hit by the economic climate and the increasing online competition.

Keeping Our Local Parks Clean

Posted by Administrator : Sunday 3rd March 2013

GET THE MOST OUT OF LOCAL CLEAN UP’s. We all know it is awful when we see parks, beaches and riversides strewn with litter. It is bad for our children, us, our pets, plants, local wildlife and our Leicestershire community.

The Local Transport Infrastructure

Posted by Administrator : Friday 1st March 2013

HOW DOES OUR LOCAL TRANSPORT COMPARE? For years people in the Leicestershire community have made their feelings known when it comes to public transport.

Council Tax Rises As Councils Set To Save Money

Posted by Administrator : Friday 1st March 2013

MORE CUTS..... GREAT!!! Many councils across the UK now have the choice to either increase council tax, raise the funds by cutting back on other factors or even worse they do both.

Local Weather

Maximum Temperature: 11C (52F), Minimum Temperature: 5C (41F), Wind Direction: South Westerly, Wind Speed: 14mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 999mb, Humidity: 52%, UV Risk: 3, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:01 GMT, Sunset: 18:22 GMT

Maximum Temperature: 9C (48F), Minimum Temperature: 3C (37F), Wind Direction: North North Easterly, Wind Speed: 5mph, Visibility: Good, Pressure: 1002mb, Humidity: 80%, UV Risk: 2, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 05:59 GMT, Sunset: 18:24 GMT

Maximum Temperature: 10C (50F), Minimum Temperature: 2C (36F), Wind Direction: North North Westerly, Wind Speed: 7mph, Visibility: Very Good, Pressure: 1010mb, Humidity: 63%, UV Risk: 3, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 06:56 GMT, Sunset: 19:26 GMT

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